Adventure Bible Website-new resource for teachers and parents

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I've recently discovered a new resource for teachers and parents. The Adventure Bible NIV is the Bible that we've purchased for classroom sets for our Elementary classrooms at SojournKids. I love this Bible because it provides helpful study aids that are age appropriate for younger elementary children, and NIV is both accurate in translation and readable for younger elementary kids.

Now, the folks at Zondervan publishing have launched a new website for the Adventure Bible ( I'm excited about any resources that encourages kids to read their Bibles. My oldest daughter, Rachael, already enjoys the the Adventure Bible iPhone app that helps her practice Scripture memorization, and I'm excited about introducing her to the games on the new website. At SojournKids, we'll use the crosswords, word finds, maps, and time lines to help supplement our curriculum. For homeschooling families or Christian schools, the classroom settings look like a great tool for tracking your child's learning. Check out the video above to learn more.