Testimony from Midtown Kids servant, Linda Stepp

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I continue to be amazed and have my heart and soul touched so deeply by the pure simple gospel message that goes out over and over.    I was 37 years in a works based - self righteous type teaching church and what I feel like now is I'm retooling everyday. One thing that happened was hearing the 2/3's repeat after the teacher "repent, repent, repent." That is so so powerful. When you are in the type of church I was in, you hear repent and be baptized to be saved. After that, sinners and backsliders are the only ones needing to repent.  All the "saints" are ok. Gods grace is so faithful  and I'm glad I'm reminded of the false gospel I learned as a child.  I so want to keep a heart of flesh.  I find myself overwhelmed by Gods grace universally and personally, being around kids is a whole different level!