Testimony from Midtown special needs ministry servant, Kelsey Vaal

UncategorizedJared KennedyComment

I work with a little girl with special needs through Sojourn Kids, and it has been such a blessing! I have seen her grow in so many ways in the short time I have known her and grown to love her more each time I see her. She is such a sweet and intelligent girl and she brings so much joy to everyone around her. Since I started working with her at the beginning of the year, God has been working in her and through her in so many ways. With a little encouragement, she’s begun to greet her teachers when she walks in, interact with other kids, and participate in some of the classroom activities and large group assemblies. It’s been an amazing experience to worship and pray with her during the large group worship time. In the classroom, the two of us have started multiple games of “ring around the rosie” and “red light, green light”! Just last week I watched her run to the front of the class, her eyes lighting up as she read the memory verse out loud to the whole class. Just that simple moment was such an encouragement; to be able to see such clear evidence of God working in her life through the special needs ministry at Sojourn kids. I’m so thankful that God has provided the opportunity for me to serve Sojourn in this way and so thankful for the wonderful work He is doing through this ministry in the lives of both the servants and the kids.