Testimony from Midtown teacher, Suzanne Schack

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This summer I was talking to the parents of three, as of this coming Sunday, students in my elementary class at Sojourn.  What I had in my mind was the best way to sum up teaching lovingly and effectively whether the class consists of 5 or 25 students.  This is what I said:  “There’s a fine line between letting them be themselves and letting them run wild.”  And that’s what teaching a class at church is like-you get to know the personalities of the children that you’re entrusted with.  You get to know, by looking at the lesson, what will work or how to adapt the lesson so all the kids will be interested.  And, most definitely, you let them know who’s in charge.  :P  Most importantly, though, I teach them about Jesus, his love, and listen when they talk.  No matter how ridiculous or silly.  I do my best to listen to all legitimate answers and questions.  I do my best to let them know how much they mean to me and to God.  And I do not consider it just a service-it is my joy to teach them about God because of the many blessings I have been given over the years.  I look forward to every Sunday and miss the days when I’m away.  (Though the kids love to have one of those serving with me teach as well.)  And, lastly, teaching in Elementary is just so much fun.  The kids are at a stage where you’re really beginning to see their personalities form, to see what may be lifelong friendships develop, and to see them learn when to speak and when to hold back.  I look forward to doing it for however long God calls me to be there-which is, I hope, for quite a long time.