Baptism Testimony: Willow Noltemeyer

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A few Sundays ago, we had the privilege of seeing Willow Noltemeyer baptized at Sojourn. Every baptism is special, but this one was particularly meaningful, because Willow was the first child born into Sojourn:

I have been at Sojourn my whole life and was the first baby born at Sojourn. I love to read, write, swim and play field hockey. When I was younger, I started to read The Jesus Storybook Bible and my favorite story was the one about Rachel and Leah in the Old Testament. I liked this story because it showed me that God loves everyone, even if they aren’t the prettiest or the best.

I am a sinner and I need God’s help. I sin in many ways, and I need God’s help to be saved. I struggle with anger and I over-react when my siblings are mean to me, but God has helped me to control my anger and pray for forgiveness.

I also struggle with fear. Sometimes I see my friends doing things that are not godly and want to say something to them and preach the Lord to them, but I get scared that they might not like me for doing it–so I don’t say anything. But God will help me to preach the Lord to them and show them that what they are doing is ungodly. Whenever I sin, I immediately know it and sometimes I stop and pray for forgiveness, but sometimes I keep doing it, even though I know that it is wrong. Later in the day, I think back and see that what I did was wrong and I pray about it.

God is someone who loves and cares about me, but also shows me my sins. He is just, wise, and kind. He teaches me to glory Him. He always understands and loves me, even when I sin. God is forgiving and will forgive me when I sin.

During my life without God, I could never control my anger, and, even though I believed in God, I didn’t think much about Him or pray to him on my own. In my life with God, I realize my sins and pray to God about them. God helps me to control my anger and recognize my sin.