Testimony from a @sojourneast mom

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Here is a great conversation that an East Campus mom recently had with her 6 year-old about her cousin's adoption and how Jesus provides for us:
Karis said, "I am so glad Jesus was born. I do love Jesus. He helps us when we need to solve problems, when we don't know what to write at school, when we are sad. He kind of whispers into my brain what I should do. He also helps those who do not have homes and families. You know like our cousin. She did not have a home with a mommy and daddy, and I think God whispered to her that she will have a home and it was going to be ok. And, whispered to our Aunt and Uncle they would have a baby. Then she got to come live with them and be our family. Mom, I love that Jesus cares about us and we can know the gospel and learn and tell others because of Jesus. I hope it is free writing in our journal tomorrow instead of our teacher picking the topic because I want to write about why I love Jesus."
What can a mom say to all of this "Yes, sweet girl, I agree!" I love her and her sweet heart!
Thank you SojournKids leaders and workers who help us teach our kids the gospel truth. We are so thankful to have you in our lives!