Good News for the Poor (Family Devotional on Luke 2:1-20)

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Dear Parents, Merry Christmas! This week at SojournKids, we learned about the birth of Jesus from Luke 2:1-20. Take time to read this passage with your kids this week. For many, it's a tradition to read this passage on Christmas morning. Here are three main take-aways  to talk about with your kids.

  • Jesus was born in a manger (2:1-7).  Jesus is God. Jesus is the King of the universe. But he wasn’t born in a castle or palace like a prince. He wasn’t born in a big hotel or even a state-of-the art hospital. There was no room for him in the inn. When he was born, Mary placed  baby Jesus in a manger—a feeding trough for cows and goats—because there was not even a guest room available. Jesus became poor.
  • Jesus was announced to shepherds (2:8-14)! God sent an army of angels to announce that Jesus was born, but he didn’t send the army to important people. The message didn’t go to the kings and presidents and congressmen. No. He sent the good news to poor, low-class shepherds. They weren't just rural farmers. They were lowly and unwanted yet the angel said, “Peace on earth to everyone God has chosen and loved (including you lowly shepherds!).” Jesus is good news for the poor.
  • How do we respond? (2:15-20). When they heard, some people were amazed and shocked! They said, “That’s crazy! The new King has come in a manger… and to shepherds? Really?” The shepherds responded by praising God! Everything the angel said was true! They couldn’t stop telling everyone they saw. But Mary was filled with wonder, and she treasured these things in her heart. “God sent the King to a poor couple with no place to stay. He sent the King to poor shepherds. He brings good news to the poor.” When I am lowly and poor and broken, I can trust that Jesus came for me.