Peter Denies Jesus (Family Devotional on Luke 22:54-62)

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This week at SojournKids, we learned about how Peter denied Jesus from Luke 22:54-62. Take time to read this passage with your kids this week. Ask: Have you ever wondered how your parents know exactly when you are doing something wrong?

Say: You know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’re trying to sneak some extra Christmas candy from the kitchen cabinet, or you’re trying to steal a cookie from the cookie jar. Then, right when you’re in the middle of your act, you hear someone call your name. A few minutes ago, your mom was far away upstairs or working out in the yard, but there she is… standing in the kitchen and staring right at you… And you say, “How on earth did you know?!?”

Ask: So, what happens next? Are you in trouble? You’ve been caught in the act. Are you going to get what is coming to you? In this week's story, we learn about how Peter denied Jesus. Jesus told Peter exactly how he would sin before the words were on his mouth. Then, Jesus caught him right in the middle of sinning. After Peter denied Jesus, Jesus looked right at him. But, amazingly, Jesus did not look at him to punish him. He looked at him with love. On the very next day, Jesus would die for Peter's sin. That's the amazingly good news from this passage.

Jesus knows exactly what I’ve done, but he still loved me more than I deserve.