We can serve because Jesus served us. (Family Devotional on John 13:3-17)

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Dear Parents,

This week at SojournKids, we learned about Jesus washing the disciples feet from John 13:3-17. Take time to read this passage with your kids this week. Here are two key points about servanthood that you can emphasize with your kids.

First, servants need Jesus. We cannot serve others until we see that Jesus first served us. He is our savior. We need him to wash us from our sins. Jesus didn’t just do a dirty job. He died for our sins on the cross. Now he gives us the Holy Spirit, who shows us our sin and changes our hearts. He makes us able to serve other people and love them even when it is hard. Servants first need Jesus to serve us. Without Jesus, we can do nothing.

Second, we serve by following Jesus’ example. We can’t tell everyone, “I’m a servant!” if we aren’t willing to do hard, dirty things. Jesus laid down his life for us. That was a sacrifice. Now, he wants us to sacrifice for others too. God has asked you to do hard things—things like obeying your parents even when you don’t want to or talking to your friend about Jesus or loving your brother or sister and speaking kindly even when they are annoying.