Family Fun Night

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Family Fun Night There’s nothing like a good family fun night!

Our Story When our oldest daughter was a toddler, we took a super-long trek across Pennsylvania. The trip wasn’t just long due to mileage, but a screaming toddler, a hungry dad, a tired mom, and stressed ear drums made the trip seem longer than the Pan-American Highway. Just as I was about to unravel, God’s Spirit reminded me of the following: "A cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). Instead of letting tempers flare, we called an audible by stopping at a nearby mall, enjoying some local ice-cream, and having a TV party in our hotel room before finally getting the everyone to sleep.

Take-Aways from Proverbs 17:22?

  • We we develop family devotional rhythms, let’s also try to designate a night per week to just having fun with the people we love the most.
  • Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do with our kids is shoot hoops, play board games, grab ice-cream, wrestle with our sons, or dress up like princes and take our princesses to the ball (yes, dads . . . this means you!)

God invites us to remind our kids that he invented fun, and that he is Lord over all of life.