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Treats Rice Crispy Treats can teach us much!

Last Sunday our East Campus elementary kids participated in a class entitled "How to Have a Quiet Time with God." The teachers used the following acrostic to provide a way for the kids to remember and practice this at home:

  • Chill out - Relax & find a comfortable place.
  • Read - Read through a Psalm or NT chapter per day. Mark the chapter with a check to know where you left off.
  • Imagine - Take a few minutes to mediate & ask, “God, what are you teaching here?"
  • Sense - Take a few minutes to listen & ask, “Spirit, what are you teaching me here?"
  • Pray - Be you. Tell God what’s on your heart. You are totally loved.
  • Yield - Get up and live your day as God has invited you. Obey him.

While the spelling is different in Rice Krispies, the mnemonic device seems to be working. Eating a Rice Krispie Treat while learning also helps.

Our prayer is that this lesson will carry with our Sojourn kids for many years. Imagine your child at age 80, kicking back in their rocking chair with their Bible, and saying, “It’s time to get CRISPY!”

If you are a Sojourner, but do not yet have a child in the elementary class, be encouraged. Know that your church is pointing them to Jesus now in their younger classes, and will be ready for them when they approach elementary. Let's also to remember to get CRISPY ourselves!