Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit (Family Devotional on John 14)

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This past week, we learned that Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit as our helper. Take some time to read the passage with you kids, and here are some points that you can emphasize as you read:

  • Jesus was going away (John 14:1-4). Before he died, Jesus ate one last meal with his disciples. He told them that he was going to leave them soon and go back to his Father. He was going to prepare a home in heaven for them so that one day they could be with him forever.
  • The disciples were worried (John 14:5-14). What do you think the disciples said when Jesus told them he was going back to his Father in heaven? They were worried. Thomas asked, “How can we go with you when we don’t know where you are going?” They must have been thinking: “What will we do when Jesus is gone? Who will comfort us when we are sad or afraid? Who will be our teacher and our friend?”
  • Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-27). The Holy Spirit would be their helper. The Holy Spirit is God. He would comfort them and give them peace. He would help them to love one another. And the Holy Spirit would be their teacher. He would help them to remember everything that Jesus had taught them.