The Big Picture (Family Devotional on Luke 22:1-34)

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This past week at SojournKids we studied the story of the Last Supper from Luke 22:1-34. We emphasized the big truth that Jesus’ death was part of God’s great big plan!  For one of the object lessons, we had elementary kids lay down on the floor in the shape of the word CROSS. From their perspective, they couldn't see what they were spelling out. But the other kids who stood above them could see the big picture from a different perspective. That's how we are. Sometimes we miss the big picture. In order to see the big picture, we need to hear these stories again and again and again... 

This week, take time to read Luke 22:1-34 with your children. Here are three points you can talk about with your kids.

  • Judas set a trap for Jesus (22:1-6). The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus. Satan gave them the idea, and he helped Judas set a trap to betray Jesus.
  • But Jesus had a bigger plan for his life and his death. (22:7-23). Even though it seemed like evil leaders were in charge, Jesus was really in charge. Many years before, God gave his people the Passover meal to teach them about Jesus. God was in charge of every detail.
  • The disciples didn’t understand until much later (22:24-34) But  the disciples still didn’t understand. Instead, they fought about who would be the greatest.