Sync Your Home With Sunday

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Two Books for SojournKids Few things are more powerful in the life of a child than when their home and church are pointing to the same gospel.

SojournKids invites you to sync your home with Sunday by picking up the family devotional curriculum that corresponds with the gospel lessons your kids learn each Sunday. If you purchase any two books this year for your family devotional rhythms, you'll want to get these by Marty Machowski and our friends at New Growth Press:

  1. Old Story New (New Testament)
  2. Long Story Short (Old Testament)

These two books correspond with what your children are learning in SojournKids (ages 2–elementary) and provide you with a week’s worth of family devotional material. You could easily have a Bible and these two books and never need to buy any more family devotional material. The take-home handout you receive when you pick up your child each Sunday points you to the corresponding chapter and text in these books.

We try to keep a few of both books at each campus for Sunday purchases; however, you can also have them shipped to your home by ordering here.