You Have A Family.

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One of the reasons why I love Child Dedication is the opportunity we have as the church to re-realize our responsibility to families. I am not a parent myself, but I have been gifted the responsibility of caring for children and families both as a Kid’s Director and as a church member. And it is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

A week from now, during the Child Dedication service, every Sojourn member will be asked to stand up and verbally commit to pray for these children—that they will grow to love Jesus and trust in Him

So, parents, what does our commitment to you look like?

We commit to teach your children the gospel both through our words and our example.

The family and the church are both given the responsibility of teaching your children. We as the church commit to teach the gospel to your children in our short time with them every week. Yes, this comes by intentional bible lessons, music, and activities that are centered around the gospel. This also comes through our desire that the truths we are teaching would sink in to our own hearts, and through our interactions with your children in all aspects of our care for them.

We commit to partner with you--holding you accountable and confronting your sin.

We are committed to your children, and we are committed to you. When the responsibility to teach your children about God is overwhelming, we are here to help. We are committed to provide you with resources, classes, and guides about family worship and biblical parenting. But more importantly, we are committed to come alongside you through life together in gospel community-- both in the good and in the ugly. Parents need other parents. Non-parents need other parents and vise versa. We need each other.

We commit to pray for you and encourage you as you face the trials of parenting.

Let us step in to your life--the good and the bad. You are freed from having to hide your “mess” on Sunday mornings or any other time. Moms, this means you are freed from having to linger in the hallway feeling guilty because your child is crying in the arms of a willing children’s ministry worker. You are not a burden to us. Your child is not a burden to us. Go and enjoy the gift of refreshment that is worshipping and hearing the preaching of God’s word with your spouse and church family.

Parents, allow us to care for you and your children, not merely through programs, safe and welcoming childcare, or weekly parent emails--but with the gospel that frees us to serve and grow with you in community.

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