Dear Child Dedication Families

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Child Dedication Dear Child Dedication Families,

Thanks again for participating in the Child Dedication services a few weeks ago. We enjoyed watching the faces of our members when you lined up across the platform holding your little ones.

We walked through a number of Bible texts together at the class, via email, in some of your homes, and again on dedication morning. We would like to boil them down into one encouragement:

Have a daily walk with Jesus, love his Word, be thankful for his grace, and share with your kids what God shares with you every day. Few things are better than saying, "Kids, come here! Let me show you what God just taught daddy or mommy from his Word!”

Of course there are many great family books to purchase, devotional plans to try, and conferences to attend. More of our own resources are in the works! But if you take the advice above and let your kids peer into your walk with Jesus, everything else will be secondary.

Let’s remember that the child dedication service was simply a rehearsal of how we repeatedly dedicate our children to our Lord.

It's a joy to be in the Sojourn family with you. Apart from serving your kids on Sunday, chatting with you in the hallways and in coffee shops, and making many other parenting resources available to you through SojournKids . . . feel free to reach out if there's anything else we can do for your family!

Thanking God for you...

–The SojournKids Team