A Volunteer's Testimony

For ServantsMatt FriendComment

Why After a couple of years of attending Sojourn, my husband and I finally began to think seriously about serving at Sojourn. The craziness of life had led us down the path of deceiving ourselves into believing that we didn’t have to serve, that our jobs (that require so much interaction with people and their dynamics), our community service and our financial stewardship at Sojourn were enough.

When our community group first decided to serve in Sojourn Kids on a rotating basis, I have to admit I was reluctant. It was just so easy to come and go from church, without having any responsibilities. Especially with having a new baby at home, our pursuit of avoiding anything that would complicate matters was paramount. I grudgingly agreed to serve and our first few Sundays serving proved to be just what I had thought—an hour and a half of “I have to go potty,” and “He stole my car!”

Despite my bad attitude to begin with, God continued to work on my heart as I strived to understand the importance of service within His body and now He is gracious enough to help me greatly enjoy and appreciate these little children. For one thing, I believe it’s important to serve in Sojourn Kids since we now have a child-we are grateful for the servants who watch our baby and allow us to attend church and we want to bless others in the same way. I am encouraged that my service in Sojourn Kids allows me to enable parents to attend church—what a blessing it is to be able to go into the service and focus all one’s attention on Christ. Watching someone’s children while they attend church means that they have the opportunity to hear the Gospel (uninterrupted) and grow in their faith or even accept Christ as their Savior.

I am hopeful that God will continue to work on my heart as I serve and I’m hopeful that many others will be led to serve in this ministry as well. My encouragement is this: be obedient and He will draw you in, bless you and make your ministry to these children and families life-giving.


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