Interview with a Kids team member: Anne Davidson

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SojournKids Summer Serve Anne, why did you decide to serve with SojournKids?

Early on it just made sense to help out because I had 3 kids in SojournKids.  But after we became members, I really began to pray and ask the Lord where He would have me serve.  Even when I felt called to serve regularly in SojournKids I hesitated for many weeks.  I come from a small church so the big church setting of Sojourn plus its reputation of being a spiritual powerhouse intimidated me. I felt inadequate to teach. Through that season of seeking God’s will for where to serve, He reminded me regularly that He thoroughly equips the work of every believer (2Tim3:17).  So believing that, I decided to commit to serving in SojournKids and have been serving ever since.

How do you balance a busy family life with serving on Sundays?

I’m a rule follower.  If the call is to "serve one service/attend one service" then I feel I should.  However, aside from that, I love the Lord and I love the church body.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it as a balance--it’s just the deal for our family.  I attend the 9 and serve at the 11.  My bigger boys serve with me and my husband cleans the classroom after the service!

What has your experience been with having your older boys serve with you?

I’ve loved having them with me.  I don’t want serving to be my thing.  I don’t want to release them at 18 expecting them to blindly step into ministry.  So this has been a way for me to continue to disciple them as they serve.  It’s been a great experience for our family.

How has serving with SojournKids impacted your relationship with God?

I’ve watched the Lord do amazing things in my classroom and that’s a faith booster!  I think we tend to put Him in a box and assume he’ll get around to working in the lives of these little people when they’re a bit older.  That’s not at all what I’m seeing.  There’s a great deal of work He is already doing in little hearts.

Anne serves weekly at Sojourn's campus in New Albany, IN. Would you be willing to serve with our teams this summer? If so, you can sign up to serve right now by clicking on this link.