Revival Under Jacob (Kids in Community for May 25th)

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Applying God’s Word with your Kids in your Community Group

  • Read Genesis 35:1-4 together
  • Point to a familiar household object. Invite the kids to join you in bowing down, praying, and singing to it. Why is this crazy?
  • Jacob's family had things they loved just as much or even more than God. If you were in Jacob's family, what idols would you need to throw away?
  • Invite a child to pray, then conclude by thanking God for the grace to repent.

Family Devotions at Home

  • Read Genesis 35:1-15 together 
  • Who here is the fastest swimmer? How fast could you swim across the Ohio River if you were carrying 1,000 lb. on your back?
  • What is an idol? (Anything more important to us than God, anything we love and think about more than God.)
  • Why does Samuel tell the people to put away their idols?
  • Tell us about a time when you loved something more than God (parents too). How did God change your heart?
  • Pray together asking God to help your family stay away from idols.