Where are the kids when we're in community group? | Part 1

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Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.37.11 PM Here at Sojourn, our church culture revolves around two primary ministry wings: (1) our weekly worship gatherings at our campuses on Sundays, and (2) weekly community group "scatterings" that meet in homes around our city throughout the week.

Over the past year, Sojourn's leadership has been wrestling with a burning question. It is one that haunts us, and it is one that is beginning to haunt many church leaders who are part of the small group (community group, missional community, home group, house church) revolution. Here is the question.

Where are our kids when we're in community group?

Over at the Lifeway Kids blog, Jana Magruder unpacked what she has experienced as the most likely scenario.

My husband and I have been in multiple small groups (community groups, missional community, home groups, etc). The scenarios presented for our kids during these times have been: take kids and let them watch a movie in the host’s playroom, hire a babysitter to watch all kids at the host home, or hire a babysitter to watch our kids at home. None of those translate to intentional time of kids learning the Bible, hearing the gospel, or developing meaningful relationships like their parents are getting to do during their small group.

That's what we've seen as well. Most of the time, parents turn to either a babysitter or Pixar. But we believe there is a better way. Over the next two days, I'm going to post some tips for incorporating kids into community life. First, on Friday (June 27), I'll post thoughts from Casey Smith who serves with Acts 29 Europe and The Crowded House, a church community in Sheffield, England, UK. Then, next Saturday (June 28), I'm going to post a few additional tips that I've received in conversations with parents here at Sojourn's Midtown campus. Come on back next week and check it out!