Where are the kids when we're in community group? | Part 3, Tips from Sojourn parents

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Where are the kids when we're in community group? When we're learning from the Bible, speaking gospel words to one another, and living life together, how can we share this with our kids? In case you missed it, I asked Casey Smith, a former member of Sojourn who is currently serving with Acts 29 Europe and The Crowded House, about this earlier this week. But I've also been asking the same question of many of our own parents here at Sojourn.  Here is what a couple of other Sojourn parents have done:

  • The community group Megan and I lead includes the kids when we share "highs and lows" to open our group time, and we begin our weekly discussion with Bible time for the kids. We've also enjoyed scheduling select Mondays to go out to a restaurant with our community group for discussion time. It's great it if you can find a place where kids eat free on group night!
  • Several parents, including Reid and Kristen Olsen, have reported to me that they really enjoy using the "Kids in Community" devotionals that correspond with the weekly sermon.
  • Erin Warmbier said, "We've been alternating having the members of our community group cover childcare, which is fairly successful as long as I remember to set it up in advance.  We took a week and met at the park down the street so the kids could all play while the parents chatted. That was nice. The kids love meal night because they love being able to hang out with the 'grown up friends.'"

What ways do you incorporate kids into your group time?