Revive Us! (July Kids Music)

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Here is the liturgy and music we're using with SojournKids throughout the month of July. Read below to learn about our kids gatherings on Sunday.  And the songs I've posted are great ones to help your kids learn about how we're made alive by God's grace. Leader 1: Let’s stand together and sing to the Lord our God!

“Sing and Shout" Matt Redman, Willie Weeks, & Jorge Mhondera. © 2013, ThankYou Music.

I love how this song moves us from the truth about God's grace to a joyful response.

"We're No Skeletons" Words and Music by Jeremy Quillo (c) 2014 Sojourn Music

You can download a demo recording of this  song, which was written for this year's VBS by clicking on the link above. We hope to record it soon.

Leader 2: Our memory verse this month is Romans 1:16. “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

Leader 2: Our catechism questions for this month help us understand what new life in Jesus looks like. Here is our question for this week:

Weekly North Star Catechism Questions (Click here for more catechism resources): 

July 6, 2014—How does the church go into the world? The church goes into the world as worshipers. We bow to Jesus’ authority and praise him for his power. July 13, 2014—What is the Great Commission Jesus gave to his church? He commissions his church to make disciples. We learn from Jesus and help others learn from him. July 20, 2014—What is baptism? Immersing believers in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. July 27, 2014—Why do we baptize in the name of the Father? Because the church is God’s family. We are God’s adopted children. We care for one another like brothers and sisters.

Leader 1: We can’t be the church without Jesus to help us. We are sinners. We need him to give us life. Let sing to praise Jesus and ask him for strength to be the church!

“Jesus, You’re My Hope,” Mark Altrogge © 2009 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

This is one of our family's favorite kids albums to listen to while driving in the car.

Leader 1: God has revived us for a purpose. We are to tell others about Jesus: that he was God and that He died for sinners like you and me.

“Go (Matthew 28:19)” ©2007 Big Songs of Extreme. From The Power of Encouragement.

Thankful for the great Scripture memory songs from Seeds Family Worship.

Leader 1: Let’s pray to God.

Leader 2: Jesus, you are mighty! Thank you for making us God’s children. We know that you love us. Help us to live for you, as your church, your bride. Help us to boldly tell others about you. May your kingdom come in our hearts and then in our city. In Jesus’ name, amen.