Revival Under Jehoshaphat (Kids in Community for June 30th)

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Applying God’s Word with your Kids in your Community Group

  • Read 2 Chronicles 20:13-19 together.
  • If the whole earth was for sale, what do you think the price tag would be?
  • In whom did Jahaziel tell the men, women, and kids to trust?
  • Invite a child to pray and then conclude by asking God for increased faith to believe God's promises through the best and worst times.

Family Devotions at Home

  • Read 2 Chronicles 20 together
  • If you knew a candy store was giving away all its candy for free, would you ask for one piece or for the whole store?
  • How do you think the people felt when they realized God answered their prayers and defeated their enemies in big ways?
  • What could we pray for together that only God can do?
  • Parents: Share how God is calling you to trust him more.
  • Pray together for increased faith to trust the Lord.