VBS Video and Stories from Midtown and New Albany!

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Our Proof Pirates Vacation Bible School wrapped up this past Friday. Thank you so much for praying for our team this past week. God showed up at VBS this week! Here are a few highlights to celebrate from Sojourn's Midtown and New Albany campuses.

By the numbers…

  • At Midtown, there were a total of 194 kids registered, and at New Albany there were as many as 91. Across four campuses, our high attendance was 761 kids! 
  •  Nearly 70 people served every day at Midtown, and across the campuses there were well over 300 volunteers in all serving!
  • Kids at Midtown collected 833 school supply items for the Meyzeek MS School Back to School Jam! The New Albany missions offering went to the Grace Center for Women and Families in the Horn of Africa.

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  • An older couple at our campus had their first experience in Sojourn Kids during VBS and were such a blessing to us all! They are going to join our Sunday Service team as Preschool or Elementary teachers. In a conversation with them today, they let me know how much they were blessed by VBS. They loved spending time with the kids, getting to know other people at the campus and feeling more like a part of our community. We had an amazing number of volunteers- almost as many volunteers as kids the first night! I am so thankful for the way VBS brought our community together!--New Albany Kids Director, Milli Coverdale
  • My 4 year old, Gracie, attended VBS this week and absolutely loved it.  All week she had a lot of questions about being alive in Christ and dead in sin, forgiveness, Jesus dying on the cross, etc. Last night in the bath we were talking about her salvation and she proudly proclaimed she wanted Jesus to come into her heart! We were so excited as we watched her take a big leap into her faith and proudly call all of her grandparents, aunt and uncles and cousins to tell them that she invited Jesus into her heart! —Parents who just moved to Louisville and first came to Sojourn two weeks ago.
  • One of the 1st/2nd grade girls talked with me after the Resurrecting Grace Bible study. She asked why we still sin even though we have been resurrected from our sinful/dead state. I was able to share with her that the power of sin has been defeated and we are now able to have a relationship with Jesus. I thought it was a very mature question, and encouraged me that she was listening and working through how the Gospel applies to her life. We also had 10-12 teenagers from S2 serving all week. They ran powerpoint, did hand motions on stage, helped with cleanup daily, served in the Nursery, and ate lots and lots of teacher snacks. It was our first year at Midtown with that many teens serving, and it was a joy. —Midtown S2 Director, Henry Williams
  • I asked Tula & Luca what was the most important thing they learned from VBSTula: planned grace, resurrecting grace, outrageous grace, overcoming grace and forever grace. And she also really liked the games. Luca: “the best part was it was cool. Singing was my best part”—Sojourn Facilities Director, Sean Fawbush
  • There was a 5th grade girl at VBS from Alaska who had never been part of a church community before. She is staying with her grandparents in Old Louisville this Summer. She has had so much fun! I don’t know that she totally gets it yet, but it was great to see they joy she had being part of a community like this —SojournKids Volunteer, Michael Bellucci

I’m so grateful for what God has done! Be sure to tell the VBS team thank you in the comments below. Share your stories about VBS here as well.