Outrageous Grace: The Mystery Made Known (Kids in Community for September 28th)

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Applying God’s Word with your Kids in your Community Group

Read Deuteronomy 10:14-15

  • What is the greatest treasure in the world? What would you pay for it?
  • Did you know that God chose you to be his special treasure?
  • How much did God pay for us to be his treasure?

Invite a child to pray and thank God for making us his treasure.

Family Devotions at Home

Read Mathew 13:44

  • Parents: Take an old shoebox and set out some craft supplies for your kids (crayons, paint, construction paper, etc.) Have your kids decorate the box as a treasure chest.
  • What did the man do when he found the treasure in the field?
  • Jesus is the greatest treasure. How much would you give up to be with him?

Father, help us to see that Jesus is our greatest treasure.