God Speaks to Joseph (At Home for December 7th)

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sojournkids at homeThis week’s SojournKids Bible lesson was “God Speaks to Joseph” (Matthew 1:18-25) Use the questions below to review it with your kids. You can also review the weekly North Star Catechism (below).

READ Matthew 1:18-25

ASK: Who appeared to Joseph in his dream?  The angel of the Lord

ASK: What did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph about where Mary's baby came from?  The Holy Spirit gave the baby to Mary

ASK:  What name did God tell Joseph he should name the baby boy?  Jesus.  What would the baby do?  Save his people from their sins.


Check out the daily devotionals that correspond with this week’s lesson in Prepare Him Room by Marty Machowski, pages 24-42.  This week’s North Star catechism question is…

7.  Is God great?  Yes, and his greatness cannot be measured.

Psalm 145:3  Great is the Lord and worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.