January 2015 Assembly Liturgy

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Leader 1: Let’s sing some of our favorite worship songs together! They help us praise God, and He deserves all of our praise, because He is good! This month we are learning about God’s creation, and this song is all about how God created the whole world, and us, for His glory!

“Almighty Creator” by Sovereign Grace Kids (some campuses are singing "All God's Creation Likes to Sing" not yet recorded by Sojourn Music)

Leader 2: Our memory verse this month is Hebrews 11:1! “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” This verse teaches us what it means to have faith in God! Who knows what it means to be “sure” or “certain”?  And what does it mean to hope for something, or to know something is real if we can’t see it?  So this verse teaches us that we can be SURE and CERTAIN that God is real and He is at work in the world, and that sureness and certainty is what we call FAITH!

Leader 1: That’s right! And because we know that God is at work, we can respond to Him in worship. We worship God with our voices, but we also worship God by giving: we give our money as a tithe, we give our time to serve our church and our neighbors, and we give up our desires and preferences for the sake of others, just like Jesus did for us. As we sing this next song about Jesus’ love for us, you can bring your offering up to the front!

“Because You First Loved Me” by Sovereign Grace Kids

Leader 1: You all are singing so well! It is so encouraging to all of us to hear many voices together praising God! Let’s keep singing out loud as we finish our assembly! I know you know this one, so sing it out loud!

“Grace (La-Di-Da)” by Seeds Family Worship

(Play the Catechism riff: G-F-G-F-G-F-G “Catechism!”)

Leader 2: Here is our question for this week! I’ll read the question and you will all read the answer together!

January 4: How did God form the first woman? God formed Eve from Adam’s rib.
January 11: How do we show God's glory? We show God's glory by loving, trusting, and obeying him.
January 18: Where do we learn to love, trust, and obey God? In the Bible.

January 25: Can we trust the Bible? Yes. The Bible is completely true and without any mistakes.

Leader 2: Let’s pray! Bow your heads and fold your hands as we talk to God! Father, thank you for your love. You have shown us your love by forgiving our sin and showing us grace. Help us to be more like you as you give us the strength! Holy Spirit, help us to listen to your words as you teach us today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.