God Gives Abram a New Name (At Home for March 8th)

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sojournkids at homeThis week’s SojournKids Bible lesson was “God Gives Abram a New Name” (Genesis 17:1-10, 15-21). Use the questions below to review it with your kids. You can also review the weekly North Star Catechism (below).

READ Genesis 17:1-10 or Story 10 in the Gospel Story Bible

ASK: What did God say would come from Abraham?  Many nations and kings.

ASK: What are some of the best kings who have come from Abraham?  King David, King Solomon, and King Uzziah.

ASK: Who is the greatest king to come from Abraham? Jesus!


Check out the daily devotionals that correspond with this week’s lesson in Long Story Short by Marty Machowski, week 10.  This week’s North Star catechism question is…

20.  Why does God tell us, "You shall not make for yourself an image"?  So we will serve God and nothing else.

Jeremiah 16:20  Do people make their own gods?  Yes, but they are not gods.