July 2015 Assembly Liturgy

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The Sojourn Kids playlist can be found at this link:  Playlist

Leader 1: This month we have learned about Joseph and Daniel. Both of these men from history were men who experienced really difficult times in their lives (Can you remember some of those times?) But these men TRUSTED God and WAITED for Him to act on their behalf! Our first song today is about waiting on God when we are in difficult times.

“God Alone” by Sojourn Music

Leader 2: Our memory verse this month is Psalm 121:7! Repeat this after me: “The Lord will keep you from all harm–he will watch over your life.” Does anyone know what the Psalms are? … That’s right! They are songs, or poems, spoken from us to God. This one reminds us that we are SAFE under God’s care. Let’s read it again, and I would like a few of you to tell me how you feel when you read this verse! [Call on a few kids to share their responses]

Leader 1: God keeps us safe and watches over us with great care and love! We worship God for His love by giving an offering to God of our money, our time, and our talents! As we sing this next song, you can bring your offering up to the front!

“The Word of the Lord” by Seeds Family Worship

Leader 1: This month we will be learning about Daniel, and how God used him to do mighty things. One of those things was to allow Daniel to show God’s power when Daniel was thrown into the Lions’ Den! God kept him save — and this is a song that tells that story!

“God Saves Daniel” by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Flo Paris (Rain for Roots)

(Play the Catechism riff: G-F-G-F-G-F-G “Catechism!”)

Leader 2: Here is our question for this week! I’ll read the question and you will all read the answer together!

July 5 - What is turning from sin called? To repent means to turn away from sin and turn to Jesus.

July 12 - What does it mean to have faith in Jesus? To trust only Jesus to save us.

July 19 - What gift do we receive when we repent and believe? Forgiveness of sins and life with Jesus forever.

July 26 - What do we mean when we talk about the message of the cross? The life and work of Jesus.

Leader 2: Let’s pray! Bow your heads and fold your hands and close your eyes as we talk to God! Father God, we thank You for sending Jesus to be our Teacher, our Friend, our Brother, and our Savior. Jesus, we praise You for going to cross to die and defeating death for us! Holy Spirit, please fill our hearts today so we can know and love You more. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.