Just Nicholas, SojournKids Magazine 1.2 (Winter 2015)

Jared KennedyComment

Dear Parents,

The Advent season provides us with a yearly opportunity to teach our children about how God’s grand story points forward to Jesus, God’s greatest gift. The message of Christmas is that God is with us. Because Christ has come, we have new life, and we can share that life with others. During Advent and the two weeks following, SojournKids will teach about how Old Testament prophets foretold the coming Messiah. We will learn how these prophecies were fulfilled when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

You can join us by teaching your kids about Advent at home. There are just a few ideas below: 

  • Go out as a family to look at Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Ask your kids to vote for the neighbor with the best lights. Then, bake some cookies to take to that house as a prize.
  • Work on the Christmas Crossword (page 3). Find the answers by looking up each Bible verse.
  • Follow the provided Bible reading plan on page 6. This plan gives you the weekly Bible passage we’re studying in SojournKids and points you to the same stories in three popular Bible storybooks.
  • Put together the Build Your Own Nativity Scene" craft you’ll find on pages 10-11 of this magazine. After putting it together, ask your kids to use it to reenact the Christmas story. 

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