August 2015 Assembly Liturgy

For ParentsJosh RobertsComment

The Sojourn Kids playlist can be found at this link:  Playlist

Leader 1 & 2: Hi, I'm Mr./Ms. (First name)!

Leader 1: Good morning/evening!! Any time is a good time to be singing praises to God, Amen? Will you sing this worship song with me?

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman

Leader 2: Our memory verse this month is Exodus 20:4! Repeat this after me: “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” This month we are starting our journey through the book of Exodus, and so are your parents in their worship services! Exodus is a story about God saving His people. Do you remember some of stories you have learned in Sojourn Kids about God taking care of His people? [allow for 1 or 2 stories; if no one answers, ask them about the story of Daniel, which we just finished.]

Leader 1: Wow!! The Bible is FULL of stories about how God keeps us safe and watches over us with great care and love! We worship God for His love by giving an offering to God of our money, our time, and our talents! As we sing this next song, bring your offering up to the front!

Never Drift Away” by Jeremy Quillo

Leader 1: When God protects and and keeps us safe, like He does the Israelites in Exodus, we want to sing and shout and jump and dance in worship to him! Are you all ready to Boogie for Jesus with me? Hit it, [Musician’s name]!!

We're no Skeletons” by Jeremy Quillo

Leader 1: Hey, who can tell me what time it is? (Catechism time!!)

(Play Catechism riff like “Tequila”: G-F-G-F x3, G-F-G “Catechism!”)

How does God command us to live in his kingdom?  We are commanded to love God and love our neighbor

Leader 2: Here is our question for this week! I’ll read the question and you will all read the answer together! [If you have an especially active older kid, you can ask them to read the question out loud for everyone to respond to]

Leader 2: Let’s pray! Bow your heads and fold your hands and close your eyes as we talk to God! Father God, we thank You for sending Jesus to be our Teacher, our Friend, our Brother, and our Savior. Jesus, we praise You for going to cross to die and defeating death for us! Holy Spirit, please fill our hearts today so we can know and love You more. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Instruct all kids to sit down, then dismiss by one age group at a time: Preschool, then Kindergarten, then instruct Elementary to move up for the lesson.