Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 1-4)

Josh RobertsComment

Dear Parents,

This week we will look at the story of Ruth and Boaz that took place during the time of the judges. God provided Boaz to take care of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi when they were in need. God sent Jesus to earth through Ruth’s family.

READ: Ruth 1-4 with your kids.

Main Point: God provided a redeemer for Ruth.

Boaz was a family redeemer. That means he would help his close relatives who were in trouble. Boaz cared for Ruth and Naomi because their husbands had died. In a similar way, Jesus is our Redeemer. We need help because we sin. Jesus bought our salvation for us by taking our punishment when He died on the cross. 

Help your children see the picture of Jesus redeeming us through His payment on the cross.

This week’s North Star catechism question is…

61. What does the Holy Spirit use to change Christians? God’s word, prayer and trials.

For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us. Isaiah 33:22

Next Week: Eli and Boy Samuel (1 Samuel 1–3)

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