This Week in SojournKids: Jesus and John the Baptist (John 3:22-36)

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We'd love for you to use this short devotional to review this week's story with your kids.

Background: This week we learned about a man that God called to a very specific task, how he poured his life into that work, and how he moved on when his work was finished. We learned about John the Baptist and how God called him to tell God’s people that the Messiah was coming.

Opening/Ice Breaker: Have you ever finished a big project that you’d been working on forever? How did you feel when you finished? John the Baptist was working on a big project from God. Some thought that he was the Messiah, but he was really preparing the way for the real Messiah. Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the Messiah.

Read John 3:22-36

Questions/Apply it:

  • What were the people coming to John in need of?(Salvation – they needed to be saved from their sin and reconciled to God)
  • Was John the Messiah? (No, John was preparing the way for the Messiah)
  • Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the Messiah.

Prayer: God we thank you for work. We pray that we can work like John the Baptist for God. We love you and we thank you for your Word. Amen.

REVIEW one of these doctrine memory questions, or the month’s memory verse by having your kids repeat it after you.

Gospel Project Big Picture Question: Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the Messiah.

Memory Verse: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  John 14:6

Additional resources can be found in the Gospel Project for Kids app under Unit 21 - Session 2