Under Construction VBS Day 2: The Upside-Down Kingdom (Matthew 5)

Josh RobertsComment


We'd love for you to use this short devotional to review today's story with your kids.

Background: Today we learned about what kind of people enter God’s kingdom. Today’s story was about the sermon on the mount. Jesus explained to the crowd his people are like. In the kingdoms of this world it’s the powerful people who succeed. It’s those who have the most, eat the best, look amazing, and fight the hardest. But God’s kingdom is mixed-up and upside down. It belongs to people who are needy, humble, kind, and peaceable—even if they’re nothing much to look at.

Opening/Ice Breaker: How would you feel if you were famous? If you were famous who would you hangout with? You would probably have other famous friends, this is not what Jesus teaches is in the sermon on the mount. Jesus invites surprising people into God’s mixed-up kingdom!

Read Matthew 5

Questions/Apply it:

  • What were the 8 descriptions of people who are part of God’s Kingdom?
  • Of the types of people that Jesus taught about in the Beatitudes, which do you most identify with? Which one do you feel doesn’t describe you?
  • How does it make you feel knowing that God’s Kingdom is an “upside down” kingdom?