Under Construction VBS Day 3: The Priceless Kingdom (Matthew 13)

Josh RobertsComment


We'd love for you to use this short devotional to review today's story with your kids.

Background: Today we learned about parables. Jesus often used parables when he taught. We often think that Jesus taught in parables to help his audience understand what He was saying. But actually, Jesus taught in parables so people wouldn’t understand Him! Jesus knew that many people weren’t really interested in hearing the truth about God’s kingdom. That’s why He taught in parables.

Opening/Ice Breaker: What is the most valuable thing you own? What does it mean to you? Today we learned that God’s Kingdom is our most valuable treasure.

Read Matthew 13

Questions/Apply it:

  • What is God’s kingdom?
  • How do we enter the kingdom?
  • Why is God’s kingdom our greatest treasure?