Joseph Sent to Egypt (Genesis 37)

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Below are some devotional helps to use throughout the week.  We'd love for you to use some or even all of these to review this week's story with your kids.

Dinner Time (Deep Dive)

READ the story together.  (Genesis 37)

ASK some questions about the story.

  • Who are the main characters? (Joseph, Joseph’s Brothers, and Jacob.)

  • What are the main story beats? (Joseph is favored by Jacob and has dreams that claimed he would be greater than his brothers; His brothers conspire to kill him; Joseph’s brothers sell him to Egyptian slave traders.)

  • What’s the main point? (Joseph’s brothers sent him to Egypt.)

CONNECT it to the family.

  • God always has a plan. There is nothing that he cannot do. When times get tough or things get sad we can trust that God is completely in control of the situations.  

PRAY together.

God, we thank you for always having a plan. We thank you for your power and love. Prevent us from doubting you Lord when things get tough. Amen.

Drive Time (Quick Refresh)

ASK what story we’ve been studying this week. (Joseph Sent to Egypt)

  • See what they remember from the story – details, main points, any take away they have, etc.

REMIND them of the main point.

  • Joseph’s brothers sent him to Egypt.

Bedtime (Soul Work)

ASK how they feel about what we’ve been learning about this week.

  • What did Joseph’s brothers do to him? (sold him into slavery and tricked Jacob into thinking he was dead)

  • Joseph endured a lot of suffering in these few verses. How do you think he felt after he realized what had happened?

  • Do you ever feel like you’re suffering? Do you ever feel alone?

ENCOURAGE them about the truth of God’s promise.

  • Even in the midst of our suffering, fear, or loneliness, God is with us and his plans cannot be stopped.

RELATE to them.

  • Sometimes we have doubts about what God is doing, but our doubt doesn’t stop God’s plan from moving forward. God is always working for the good of those who love Him and for His glory. 

PRAY for them before they go to sleep.

Breakfast Time (Daily Encouragement)

ENCOURAGE them to trust God’s promise today.

  • God is with you wherever you go today, and He’s working to use your life to accomplish His plans

PRAY for them before you drop them off to start their day.

REVIEW one of these doctrine memory questions, or the month’s memory verse by having your kids repeat it after you.

Gospel Project Big Picture Question: Is there anything God cannot do? God can do all things.

Memory Verse: Hosea 13:4 – “But I am the Lord your God from the land of Egypt; you know no God but me, and besides me there is no savior.”

Additional resources can be found in the Gospel Project for Kids App under Unit 4, Session 1