Just for Parents: How To Check-In Your Child

Jared KennedyComment

Hey parents, here’s a new video we’ve created on how to check in your child at Sojourn Kids.

If you are new to Sojourn, please proceed to the check-in area at your location, speak with one of our volunteers. They will help you register and guide you to the appropriate classroom for your child.

If you are coming back to Sojourn Kids for the second time, please use one of our check-in kiosks. When you approach the kiosk, you’ll see the welcome screen. Enter your last name or phone number, and the system will search for your family. Next, select your family and then the names of all children who you are checking in 

The next step is selecting the classroom groups and locations for your children. This screen will only appear if your child falls into an age range that corresponds with multiple classrooms. Otherwise, they’ll be assigned to their age group classroom automatically. On Sunday, you might have to check-in to multiple services as well.

Finally, press print. You’ll receive a parent pick-up tag and a name tag label for each of your children. Younger children should wear this sticker on their backs so they won’t be tempted to remove it. If you look closely at the sticker, you’ll see that it displays your child’s name, their age group classroom, the service times you are attending, and – in the Nursery – your child’s pager number.

You also may see a few picture icons. A “present” indicates that your child’s birthday is this coming week. A star indicates that this is your child’s first-time attending Sojourn Kids.  If a medical bag or asterisk print on your child’s sticker.

There’s also an accompanying notes label area where you can communicate to your child’s teacher that your child has an allergy or is carrying a medical device.

Be sure to hang on to that parent pick up tag. For the safety of all the kids in our care, our classroom volunteers are trained to not release your child back to you unless you have that tag. If for some reason you do lose that tag during the service, you’ll need to show your ID to one of our coordinators so they can look up your family in our database before releasing any children to you.

That’s a 101 walkthrough of how-to check-in your children at Sojourn. Thanks for watching. We’re so glad your family is part of our church community.