Israel Demanded a King (1 Samuel 8-10)

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Below are some devotional helps to use throughout the week.  We'd love for you to use some or even all of these to review this week's story with your kids.

Dinner Time (Deep Dive)

READ the story together.  (1 Samuel 8-10)

ASK some questions about the story.

  • Who were the main characters? (Saul, Samuel, God, God’s People)

  • What are the main story beats? (Israel demands a king, Samuel anoints Saul; Saul is accepted as king.)

  • What’s the main point? (God chose Saul as Israel’s king.)

CONNECT it to the family.

  • God created us in his image. He knows what we need. Sometimes we think we know what we need, but God is our father and he provides exactly what we need. The Israelites thought they wanted a king, but God knew that Jesus was the king they actually needed. Mom and Dad know what you need and will do our best to mimic our heavenly father.

PRAY together.

God, we thank you for your word. We thank you for your love. We are grateful that you know exactly what we need as your children. Amen.

Drive Time (Quick Refresh)

ASK what story we’ve been studying this week. (Israel Demanded a King)

  • See what they remember from the story – details, main points, any take away they have, etc.

REMIND them of the main point.

  • God chose Saul as Israel’s first king. 

Bedtime (Soul Work)

ASK how they feel about what we’ve been learning about this week.

  • Why were Eli’s sons not good leaders?

  • Who were the Israelites rejecting by wanting a king?

  • What did Samuel do to Saul to show that he was the chosen king?

ENCOURAGE them about the truth of God’s promise.

  • God knew that his people needed a king. He planned to sin Jesus to die on a cross for the sins of the earth. God sent Jesus to die for you and me. 

RELATE to them.

  • God knows what we need. He has a plan for your life. Even though you may think you know what you need, God knows better. Take hope in the fact that God has a plan for you.

PRAY for them before they go to sleep.

Breakfast Time (Daily Encouragement)

ENCOURAGE them to trust God’s promise today.

  • At school as they’re working, playing, talking with friends, etc.

PRAY for them before you drop them off to start their day.

REVIEW one of these doctrine memory questions, or the month’s memory verse by having your kids repeat it after you.

Gospel Project Big Picture Question: Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.

Memory Verse: Psalm 47:7-8 - “Sing a song of wisdom, for God is King of the whole earth. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.”