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God Provides: 4 Take Home Sheets

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SojournKids studied through a unit of curriculum on the chapters 24-28 of Genesis titled God Provides. Over four weeks, we put together 4 lessons with 4 examples of provision from each chapter in Genesis- A Wife for Isaac, Selling the Birthright, A Stolen Blessing, A Stairway to Heaven. Here are the four SojournKids At Home sheets for the lessons along with a brief description of the theme for each:

A Wife for Isaac Abraham asked his servant to do something that seemed impossible. Imagine this. Can you imagine getting on a bus (act out opening the bus door), riding to a far country (act out hands on a steering wheel), getting out at a well (pretend to get out and take a drink of water), walking up to a complete stranger (choose a random person), giving her a bunch of jewelry (hold out your hands as if you have bracelets and necklaces), and then asking her to marry your friend that she has never seen before. The girl would probably think that you were completely crazy. But that is exactly what Abraham asked his servant to do.

Selling the Birthright God told Rebekah that she would have twins and that the younger son, Jacob, would serve the older son, Esau. Normally, the oldest son would be in charge of the younger son, but God promised that things would be different with these two boys. God wanted to show that he is in control and makes whatever choices he wants to make. He provides for us by directing everything. He directs everything from babies to birthrights.

A Stolen Blessing Both boys wanted their father’s blessing. The son that Isaac blessed would be the one to carry on the great promise God gave to Abraham. So this blessing is a big deal! Both Jacob and Esau wanted to be the favorite son! We can relate right? We all want to be our parents’ favorite or our teachers’ favorite.

A Stairway to Heaven Jacob had a dream. He dreamed of a great staircase that stretched from heaven to earth that angels were ascending and descending. Jacob saw that this was not something man could have created but only God could have made. We can’t build a staircase to get to heaven or climb enough steps to reach Him. We can’t do enough good things to get to heaven, but God reached out to us because we would not look to Him on our own.