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5 Take Home Sheets for Genesis

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In December and early January, SojournKids studied through a unit of curriculum on the chapters 3-11 of Genesis. Over five weeks, we put together 5 lessons with 5 memorable images--the fall, the brothers, the flood, the rainbow, and the tower. Each lesson was illustrated by Sojourn member, Birttany Jarboe Jennings.  Here are the five SojournKids At Home sheets for these five lessons along with a brief description of the theme for each: The Fall Satan tempted Adam and Eve to believe that God did not love them. Even though God had given them wonderful things—a garden filled with all kinds of food, one another, and a perfect relationship with him—the snake told Eve that God was strict. Satan lied and told Eve that God was keeping back his best

The Brothers Cain could not hide his sin from God. God found him, and he could have killed him since the right punishment for our sin is death. But God had mercy on Cain. He asked questions to show Cain the sin in his heart then he let Cain live. Even though we are angry and jealous like Cain, God has mercy on us. Our brother, Jesus Christ, was killed on the cross to take away our sins.

The Flood God showed his friendliness and grace to one man, Noah. God was Noah’s friend. So, he told him what he planned to do, and he saved him from the flood. God told Noah to build a gigantic boat (bigger than a football field). The boat would save Noah, his family, and the animals from death.

The Rainbow God remembered Noah and all of the wild animals that were with him in the ark. He made the boat stop on dry land, made the waters drain away, and commanded. Noah to come out. Then, God made a covenant promise to Noah. He promised not to flood the earth again. And he put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise. The sign would remind Noah of God’s love and faithfulness. Noah could trust God, because God always keeps his promises.

The Towers God wanted the people to scatter throughout the whole earth and make him famous—because he is the biggest and best! So, God confused their language. The people couldn’t understand one another any more. Then, God sent them out. Sometimes, we can be like those people. We want others to see how great we are, but God is bigger and better than us. He made us to tell others about him.

SojournKids At Home Sheets for Creation Days Series

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In October and November, SojournKids studied through a unit of curriculum on the "Creation Days." Over seven weeks, we learned about each day of creation. And, for each day of creation, we studied one biblical truth about our Creator God. Here are the seven SojournKids At Home sheets for these seven lessons along with a brief description of the theme for each: October 16th, Day 1: "Out of Nothing" When we make things, we use materials that we have on hand. If you wanted to make a piece of artwork, you would take a blank piece of paper or a canvas. Then, you would use crayons, markers, pencil, pen, or paint to create something on that blank page. God didn't create that way. He didn't have any materials or supplies (there weren't any!). God not only made everything. God made everything out of nothing!

October 23rd, Day 2: "Everything in its Place" God did not make the world all at once as we see it now. At first, the land, water, air and sky were all mixed up. The earth didn't have any shape, and it was completely empty. But God spoke into the dark, empty mess, and he cleaned it up. God gave the world its shape and order.

October 30th, Day 3: "My Father's World" When you color a picture, you put your name in the corner of the page. You put your name there because you own the picture. You own it because you colored it. You made it. We've learned that God made everything. Because God made everything, he also owns everything. Everything belongs to God, because God made it all.

November 6th, Day 4: "King of Times and Seasons" God rules the world that he made by guiding and directing it to do everything that he planned. God has a plan for the world he made. He didn't create the world wondering what might happen. God works out everything according to what he wants. and no one can stop God from doing what he wants, because nothing is outside God's control. God controls both grasshoppers and hurricanes.

November 13th, Day 5: "God Has the Best Imagination." Do you realize that when God made the giraffe, there had never been one before? Not only can he make something from nothing, with only his words--the things he makes are totally unique! God has the best imagination. There had never been a bear before God made the first bear. There had never been a person before God made the first person.

November 20th, Day 6: "People--the Crown of Creation." What part of God's creation shows his goodness, his glory, and his beauty more than any other? People do! You and me! People are the crown of God's creation. The Bible says it this way: "I think about the heavens. I think about what your fingers have created. I think about the moon and stars that you have set in place. What is a human being that you think about him? What is a son of man that you take care of him? You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings. You placed on him a crown of glory and honor" (Psalm 8:3-5).

November 27th, Day 7: "Sabbath Rest" God made one day different from the others. On the first six days, God worked. But, after he finished his work, God set aside one day for rest. On that day, God rested from all of his work. God didn't need to rest, but he rested. Why? God has made us so that we can work like him. But God wanted to show us that we should rest too. So, God rested to show us that we should rest.