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Thursday Book Club: Little Hands Learning to Pray

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Little Hands Learning to Pray by Carine Mackenzie, (Christian Focus Publications, 2010), 139 pages.  Read to ages 2-4. Read by ages 5-6. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working through this excellent little book on prayer for preschoolers.  The book contains eight units filled with 4 to 12 two-page devotional thoughts on prayer.  Each devotional includes one Bible verse, two short paragraphs of explanation, and a full-page illustration with interactive questions.  The first four units and first 64 pages of the book teach the ACTS method for praying, which I learned as a teenager in church:

  • Adoration: I love you, God.
  • Confession: I'm sorry, God.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank you, God.
  • Supplication: Please God.

The second section teaches a theology of prayer with the following units:

  • God's Word Teaches Us How to Pray.
  • Jesus Prayed.
  • Bible People Who Prayed
  • God Listens to our Prayers

Here are some of the cool features of the book.  The ACTS method is classic, and I really like the idea of teaching it in this simple format to our littlest ones.  The interactive pictures are useful for family devotions and for use in a children's ministry context.  The sample prayer diary at the back is super useful for family devotions.  And the Bible Passages list on pages 134-135 is also really helpful for making this book a tool to use as a supplement to a Bible lesson on prayer.  **I think every Christian children's book should have a Scripture index.**  I highly recommend this book for use at home and during a children's ministry setting.

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Little Hands Learning to Pray, from Christian Focus Publications for review purposes.