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Mother's Day Links + More!

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Be sure to join us this Sunday for Mother's Day at one of our Sojourn campuses! In light of Mother's Day, I was reflecting a bit this morning about parenting. My friend Doug Wolter recently posted about the difference between Over-Parenting and Missional-Parenting. Here are a few of his thoughts:

Much of our parenting is motivated by fear. Consequently, we’re more concerned with protecting our children from the world than preparing them to make a difference in this world. Gospel-centered, missional parenting is much different. It pictures parents as courageous warriors getting ready to release their children into battle. Read More! 

Also, here are some great Mother's Day craft ideas from SojournKids' J-town Campus Director, Danielle West:


Tweet Me: Lent, Media, and the Next Generation

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This past Sunday, pastor Daniel Montgomery mentioned a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation on the online lives of children and teenagers.  Kids are online a lot!  The new SweetHearts candies for this past Valentine's Day are a small evidence of the influence media is having on culture. I know that many of you are fasting from television or social media during the season of Lent.   The Kaiser study and other resources I have listed here provide some food for thought while you're fasting from Facebook:

  • If you haven’t yet read it I encourage you to read the report and glance at the slideshow the folks at KFF have posted online.  Pretty amazing statistics!
  • Walt Mueller  has developed a helpful tool that teaches kids to think Christianly and critically about all the media they consume.  It’s called, How to Use Your Head to Guard Your Heart: A 3(D)Guide to Making Responsible Media Choices.  The material teaches young people to filter their media choices through three conscious steps:  (1) Discover, (2) Discern based on Biblical Principles, and (3) Decide based on value and conscience.  Access a free Leader’s Guide for this tool here.
  • You can also read the New York Times article, “If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online.”
  • And take a look at Dr. Al Mohler’s reflections on the study.

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Cast Your Cares on the Lord

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"What’s your lot in life today?"  by Doug Wolter

One of the verses I often go back to in life is Psalm 55:22 which says, “Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”

John Piper gives a good exhortation on this verse:

The word for “burden” here is “lot.” What is your lot in life today? What has providence brought you? This is finally of the Lord. And he will carry it for you. It is not meant to crush you or carry you away. It is meant to test your trust in God to carry it for you. (See also Psa. 16:5; 63:8.)

Here’s a little song (written by the folks from Seeds) that captures this truth of God carrying our burdens. It’s written for children and for all those who would become like children trusting in their Father’s love.

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