Choosing Good Books for Girls

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Gretchen Neisler works on staff at the Lifeway Christian Store at Southern Seminary here in Louisville.  One of her many duties is keeping the Children's section shelves stocked with some of the best Christian books for kids. In her Genderblog article, "Reading is for Girls: Choosing the Right Book", Gretchen encourages parents of girls to ask three key questions about the books they choose: 1.  Who is being admired in the story?  Does this heroine have a truly admirable character? 2.  Does this book address a problem that is particular to my daughter or to all girls?  Will it afford teaching opportunities for me?  Will there be topics that I can further discuss with my children. 3.  How are authorities portrayed in the story?  Does the book encourage submission to authorities God has established?  Does it encourage rebellion?

You can see a longer version of Gretchen's essay or read her review of our own Pastor Daddy at her personal blog, Gret Reads 24/7.