God's Promise

God's Promise to Abram: 6 Take Home Sheets


SojournKids studied through a unit of curriculum on the chapters 12-21 of Genesis titled God's Promise to Abram.  Over six weeks, we put together 6 lessons with 6 memorable images–A Better City,  A Huge Family,  A New Name, God's Promises a Son, Rescue, and Laughter. Each lesson was illustrated by Sojourn member, Birttany Jarboe Jennings.  Here are the six SojournKids At Home sheets for the lessons along with a brief description of the theme for each:

A Better City One day, God told Abram to leave his home. The LORD said, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12: 1) The country God showed Abram was far away, but God promised to make Abram great and give him a better home.

A Huge Family God came to Abram again. He said, “I am your shield, your very great reward.” God had promised Abram a city and blessings. He promised to give Abram a good land and to make his children into a great people. But there was a problem. Abram couldn’t give God’s blessings to his children, because he didn’t have any children.

A New Name God came to Abram again, and he gave Abram a new name—Abraham! Abraham means, “father of many nations.” God promised Abraham a forever family and a forever country. God said, “I have made you a father of many nations. I will make you very fruitful.

God Promises a Son God promised Abraham that he would be blessed, be the father of a great nation with a better city. He promised him that he could have a huge family! None of these promises would happen unless God gave Abraham a son. We find out how God kept his promise.

Rescue The Lord sent the two angels to destroy the wicked cities. The angels warned Lot and his family to flee. Lot was slow to leave, so the angels grabbed him, his wife, and his two daughters, and they led them safely out of the city. They told them “Run away to the mountains and don’t look back!”

Laughter After 25 years of waiting on God to give them a son, Abraham and Sarah had a baby boy, and they named him Isaac. When they first heard God’s promise, both Abraham (Gen 17:17) and Sarah (18:12-13) had laughed at God. Now, they have a son, and they are still laughing! But they aren’t laughing at God’s promises. They are laughing because God kept his promise in such a surprising way!