Investing in parents begins at the front door.

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At Sojourn, we’re invested in families.  And investing in families involves investing in parents.  That is why we provide family worship guides and children’s books and other resources for families.  But, we’ve come to see that investing in parents begins at the front door… and this is where we’re weak.  We want to be a church that shows parents that we care for and love their kids just as much as they do. We want to be a church that is so helpful and safe and friendly and fun that families can’t wait to come back next week.  This is who we want to be, right?  So, here is the challenge.  We need a team of 10 people from each service—primarily ladies—who will commit to serve weekly over the next year as part of a family hospitality team.  And we need these 10 people by January 24th.    If you are interested in being part of this team, please sign up at the information table after the service on Sunday or e-mail