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Father Abraham Liturgy


Sojourn Kid’s Worship: 

Please do not simply read this script to the children. Teach the kids by engaging them and talking with them. Pause for answers and questions. Accept truthful answers; gently correct false answers.  Have them stand up for the singing. Don’t be afraid to engage the teachers in the room to worship and help keep the kids attentive.

Leader 1: "Hi, I'm Mr./Ms. (First name)"

Leader 2: "Hi, I'm Mr./Ms. (First name)"

Leader 1: Today we’re going to talk about a man named Abraham. Now Abraham lived a long time ago. How old are you? (Three! Five! Four! Twenty-Five!) Abraham lived about four thousand years ago! God chose Abraham for something very special. God promised that Abraham’s family would be huge. In fact, his family would be so big that he would start a whole nation! Let’s sing about God’s promise to Abraham

1. “Father Abraham” by Pierre Kartner. ©1971.

Leader 2: God also promised that He would bless all nations through Abraham’s family. Abraham had kids, and they had kids, and they had kids, until one day Abraham’s great-great-great-great-great grandson, Jesus, was born. Because of Jesus, people can be friends with God and have their sins forgiven. Jesus is good news to all nations, to everyone who believes in Him.

In the last song we sang about becoming a part of Abraham’s family. We can be in Abraham’s family, and God’s family, if we trust Jesus, the Mighty Mighty Savior, to forgive our sins and make us right with God. Let’s sing “Mighty Mighty Savior.”

2. "Mighty Mighty Savior," words and music by Mark Altrogge. © Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From Awesome God.

Leader 1: God promised that He would be with Abraham and His family forever. His promise is for everyone who joins Abraham’s family by faith in Jesus. God is with people who are forgiven of their sins. He promises to always be with those who believe in Jesus. Let’s sing the next song about God’s promise.

3. "You Are Always With Me," words and music by Mark Altrogge, ©2004 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From Awesome God. 

Leader 2: We’re going to pray now, so everybody fold your hands and close your eyes and be still and pay attention to God; we’re going to talk to Him now.

“God, thank You for keeping Your promises. Thank You for blessing all nations through Abraham’s family in Jesus. You are so loving and merciful. Please help us to believe Your promises. Amen ”

God loved Abraham, and His loving promises are for everyone who believes in Jesus and trusts Him for forgiveness. He is so loving. Let’s sing one more song about God’s love.

4. “Your Love, ” words and music by Bob Kauflin, © 2004 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Ministries. From Awesome God.

Leader 1: Okay everybody, sit down. It’s time for your lesson from the Bible.

The Rizers!

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In the past, we've told you a lot about the Sovereign Grace Kids and Seeds Family Worship albums that we use during our SojournKids worship times. Now, meet the Rizers! These are great Scripture memory CDs-similar to Seeds but with more a pop/punk rock sounds. The tunes are brought to you by the Resurgence and Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.

Scripture-Pop for Kids

Tyson Paoletti has helped run Tooth & Nail Records in Seattle for the better part of the last decade. He and songwriter, freelance designer, and friend Greg Lutze came up with the idea for an album of Scripture based, guitar-pop worship songs for kids. Both members of Mars Hill Church, they are artists and fathers trying to figure out ways to establish Scripture memory as a value in their families. What began as a series of jingles to help memorize Bible verses became multiple full-length album of music you can’t get out of your head, joined to lyrics of straight Scripture.

Thanks to the Rizers for sponsoring! It is a blessing for us to partner with you. Parents, show our thanks to the Rizers by picking up their albums. They make great Christmas gifts. Get them now, because your kids will come home singing their tunes soon!

Get the Rizers tunes here:

  1. iTunes
  2. Amazon MP3
  3. Physical CD