Learning Centers

Learning Centers: Sword Drill Center

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Sword Drill Center

This is a place to practice using your sword (God’s word). Practice finding memory verses and Bible books.   Always be prepared to talk about God’s word and what it teaches about how to live.  Who do we fight for?  Jesus!  What do we fight with?  The Bible!  What do we fight against?  Satan, Sin, & Death!

Use the center:

There are 3 kinds of drills, and all 3 are called in the same way:

  • Attention!—Your hands should be at your sides, Bible closed, and cupped on binding of Bible.
  • Draw swords!--Hold your Bible out – 1 hand on top and 1 below – no fingers on pages.
  • “Charge!”—Find the reference called.

Quotation Drill (quote from memory):

1: One person gives the reference.

2: If you know the verse, step forward 1 step, then be ready to quote the verse and give the reference if you are called upon

Completion Drill (quote from memory):

1: The teacher reads part of the verse

2:If you can complete the verse, step forward 1 step, then be ready to quote the verse and give the reference.

Book Drill (Bible is used)

1: Any book in the Bible may be used

2: The leader calls a book of the Bible (ex. Exodus)

3: After calling “Charge”, find any page in the book called, place your finger on the page, and step forward.

4:If the teacher calls on you, give the name of the book before the one called, the book called, and the book after the one called. (ex. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus).

Clean up:

Neatly stack the Bibles on the shelf

Learning Centers: Elementary Art Center

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Art Center

This is a place to make art.  Work together to create something beautiful that reminds you of today’s lesson.  Remember, God creates good and beautiful things.  When we create, we imitate him and give Him glory.

Use the center:

  • Draw what you remember from the lesson.  Make a timeline of events from the story using pictures and words.
  • Think about today’s memory verse: (1) Draw what you imagine.  (2) Write out the verse with different colors for each word (or shapes around each word) to help you remember it.  (3) Write the verse using pictures instead of words.
  • Use the easels together to create a large piece of art.  Work together.  Remember that God has made each of us uniquely creative.

Clean up: Wipe down whiteboards and put markers or paint supplies away neatly

Learning Centers: Puppet Center

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Puppet Center This center can also be called the "Story Re-telling" center.  Here children will re-tell today’s Bible story or perform their own skits using puppets. Sometimes the lesson will call for creating puppets, which can be used at the puppet stage.

Use the Center: Ask a group of students to create a puppet show about today’s lesson theme or story then perform it for you. 

  • What puppets will you use?  Who should be part of the story?  Who will have each puppet?
  • What happened first in the story?  What happened next?  How did the story end?
  • What did you learn about God in the story?  What did you learn about people?

Clean Up: Have the children put the puppets away in the basket after each playtime.

Learning Centers: Pocket Chart

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Toddler Pocket Chart

This center provides a place for working on Bible and doctrine memory.  Toddlers can’t yet read, but they need the encouragement and comfort of God’s word.  Teach one word at a time and use the provided pictures on the back of each card. The Show Me Jesus! curriculum teaches 18 verses and 15 doctrine questions yearly.

Use the Center:

  • Fall: Genesis 1:1; Psalm 53:3b; Matthew 1:23b; Luke 1:37; 1 Thess 5:16-17; Psalm 30:10b; Questions 1-5
  • Winter: Luke 2:14a; 1 Cor 8:6b; Acts 9:20b; 1 John 4:19; Questions 1-8
  • Spring: John 17:17b; Acts 16:31a; Matthew 22:39b; Psalm 23:1a; Questions 1-11
  • Summer: Psalm 9:1a; Psalm 143:10a; Psalm 150:6; Psalm 25:4; Questions 1-15

Clean Up: Put verses and questions away in the proper envelope after each memory session.

Learning Centers: Library Center

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Library Center

This is a combination reading, puzzle, and games center.  It provides a place for quiet individual play or group activity.

Use the Center:

  • When reading to kids, be certain to engage them by reading the story in an expressive way—use facial expression and voice inflection. 
  • Be sure to show the pictures, and encourage the children to find and point out objects on the pages.
  • After you are finished, ask kids to retell the story in their own words.
  • When playing games, encourage the kids to take turns, and teach about sharing.

Clean Up: Have the children put the books, puzzles, and games away on the shelves as they found them.  Put puzzles together before putting them away.