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2010 Easter Art Project: Light Painting

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This Sunday is Resurrection Day!  This is going to be an exciting day for our kids. The theme verse for this Sunday is Malachi 4:2: "For those of you who honor my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings." Even when there is trouble because of our sin, we have the “Son of Righteousness” who rises to set us free. We will be doing light painting with the Elementary kids for the lesson on Sunday. Painting with light is a fun technique that gives great results. It is called painting with light because this is what you are actually doing--using a flashlight (or in our case glow sticks) to "paint" while taking a photograph. The most famous instance of light painting is probably the Sprint commercial featured below.

Here is how the project will go.

(1) We’ll divide each class into groups of three, and we’ll ask them to do 3 line-sketches on paper with Easter images.

(2) Digital cameras (capable of long exposures) will be set up in an adjacent classroom--the dark room. Cameras should be set for a fairly long exposure value. We'll be doing 30 second exposures.

(3) Children will be called into the "dark room," and each group of three children will be given three different color glow sticks. Each child will have his own glow stick.

(4) Then, we'll cut the lights, and each group will get two 30 second takes. Once the shutter is open, kids will begin their "painting." Flashlights can be used to "smear" the light just like you would do with brush and paper. We'll use the glow sticks like pens to do more precise work (see above and below). Areas where you go slowly will be more lit then others. So, kids should be careful not to linger to much over the same spot. It will be helpful for teachers to count off the 30 seconds for the kids so that they don't run out of time.

(5) Once the shutter closes, the lights come back on, and the next take (or group) can begin.

(6) A team will be assigned to print the final products off afterward to send home with the kids.

Check out the examples (put together by Fletcher and me) and the Sprint video.  I think this will be a lot of fun!

Sources: Paining with Light by DIY Photography