St- Patrick's Day

St. Patricks Day Craft + More!


Here is a St Patricks tissue paper craft that I love! Easy, inexpensive, and fun for all ages (Read more!). Also our pastor, Daniel Montgomery just added a great post for St Patrick's Day.  I love this thought:

St. Patrick’s Day is a great chance to show hospitality, to make friends and to use this public celebration as a starting point for teaching our kids about Christ’s call to serve and to teach the gospel. Let them eat candy, let them wear green, take them to the parade, and then teach them about this man of Christ. 

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Veggie Tales' Tell About St. Patrick

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Do you want to teach your kids the Christian message behind St. Patrick’s Day? Then try this short video from Veggie Tales. It originally appeared on their DVD titled “The Sumo of the Opera.” The clip is also available on the new DVD “Lessons from the Sock Drawer” from Big Idea. It does a great job of telling the story of Saint Patrick in a way that children can appreciate.

The video is about 8:32 minutes long, which may push the attention span of younger children. Most kids will really enjoy the story and love learning about Saint Patrick from this video clip. It is presented in 2D storyboard animation, but has very engaging narration. The story ends with this pronouncement, he was “a great man who loved Ireland and loved God.” This story could easily lead into a talk about missions or loving our enemies.

The people at Veggie Tales did a good job of telling the story of Patrick in a way that all Christian groups could embrace. He is recognized as several Christian traditions. The Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans all esteem him officially. Other protestant groups often appreciate him as a missionary pioneer from the early church.

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