Trusting God with our Children

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"If this was happening to me, that would be one thing, but, because it is happening to my child, that puts it in a different category."

This is the first week of school for our daughter Lucy, and our daughter Rachael starts school in a week.  Every time our kids walk into their schools we're entrusting them into the care of others and into the care of our God.  It is a dark, scary world, and sometimes it is hard to let our kids go.  Here are two great resources on trusting God with our children and letting them go into Jesus' care:

The first is from the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF) on trusting God when children suffer. There is a bit of banter at the beginning that may not be of interest to readers. If you fast-forward to 5:20 then, you will be at the meat of the podcast.

The second is a video clip of Mark Driscoll, Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA.  On this clip, Driscoll is answering a theological question about the "age of accountability."  I'm encouraged both by Driscoll's answer and his pastoral heart in this clip: